Kern County has been considering a massive overhaul of government structure and services. However, not everyone on the Board of Supervisors is on board with the plan.

Restructuring, which emerged in June, would take a variety of city departments and merge them in just a few. Only two departments would be immune from the restructuring review: the Kern Medical Center and the Kern County Mental Health Department. They were set aside because their futures under health care reform remains uncertain.

Before the topic even came to a vote before the Board, staff was asked to go back to individual departments to discuss whether or not reorganization should occur.  The plan called for a slimmer government structure to save money while delivering improved services.

From the Bakersfield Californian:

A majority of Kern County’s five supervisors seemed far from convinced Monday that a comprehensive overhaul of the structure of county bureaucracy was a good idea.

But they voted to let the concept to take another step further.

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