The former city manager of Upland was taken into custody on Friday on charges stemming from alleged abuse of powers committed during his six-year tenure with the City. He has denied his guilt.

According to the complaint filed by the Inland Regional Corruption Task Force, which draws upon resources from the FBI and the District Attorney’s office, Quincey misappropriated public funds, gained personal benefits from official duties, and gave false testimony under oath.

Quincey allegedly personally benefited from actions he took as a public official in January 2010. However, the trouble started before that.

In 2008, police investigated an incident of reported domestic violence at Quincey’s home. According to the retaliation suit filed against the city, Quincey then tried to have the police reports destroyed. When the officer refused, he was punished. Quincey settled the case for $50,000 in 2010, in violation of his authority.

He was then placed on leave in 2011 and terminated later that year. Quincey then sued the city for $7.8 million in damages stemming from the wrongful termination. During the case, Quincey allegedly perjured himself. A judge later threw out Quincey’s case.

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