Internal Affairs detectives for the Los Angeles Police Department are investigating two former narcotics officers who have been accused by four women of forcing them to preform sexual acts in the back of their police cars.

The allegations first came to light in June 2010, but the investigation into the claims was stymied when the complainant couldn’t be located. Subsequent claims against the officers resulted in additional resources being brought into the investigation, victims located and interviewed.

The four complaints all shared similarities. The car, a VW Jetta, was used in almost all situations. The officers in each complaint allegedly drove to secluded locations and offered to ‘forgive’ wrongdoing or release the individual from their custody in exchange for sexual acts. One officer would stand guard while the other remained in the vehicle.

One of the victims has sued the department for damages. Another is in jail for offenses that she said would be forgiven if she performed the acts.

The officers are expected to be assigned to non-field duties while the investigation is undertaken.

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