Oakland officials had claimed that the recent spike in the city’s crime rate is a result of two warring groups in the city. However, after a spate of murders and in the light of new statistics, the city appears to be backing down from that statement.

Oakland, which has become the most dangerous and violent city in the state, had a spike in violence at the end of 2012, where in four months 57 people were killed and there were more than 1,784 robberies. Under previous claims about the warring factions, more than 1,600 robberies and 51 of the killings would have to had been directly related.

However, the police department says that a good number of crimes are connected to the groups in East Oakland.

Of the 58 percent of homicides in the city took place in East Oakland, and 65 percent of those were associated with street gangs.

Backing away from the now questionable statement is reminiscent of the flopped 100 Block plan, where the city claimed that 90 percent of homicides took place within 100 blocks.

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