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According to a n October 9, 2012 City of Vacaville staff report; there are currently 19 cellular antenna site lease agreements between the city and various wireless communication companies. With an increasing demand on wireless providers to offer faster and consistent service, city staff is receiving an increasing number of requests to add antennas and increase service.

With technology continually changing and upgrading by way of smart phones and 4G technologies, there is a need to consider increasing the number of antennas being installed.

Although the City Manager may have the authority to revise a specific contract, some staff felt it was most appropriate that the City Council adopt a uniform lease schedule for antenna site leases.

This schedule would provide the basis for negotiating future lease agreements, and for making modifications to existing agreements.

Details of the report state that the proposed Cellular Antenna Site Lease Schedule provides for an annual lease rate based on the number of antenna, inclusion of a backup generator, and incorporates a 4% annual Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) increase. The lease schedule is consistent with the rate being charged by the majority of the 19 agreements; this action simply adopts the rates and COLA as an official schedule.

The lease payments received under these cellular antenna site agreements are revenue to the General Fund.