In closed session, the Anaheim City Council decided to offer their City Attorney a difficult choice: resign or face firing. Christina Talley, who will begin her administrative leave immediately, submitted her resignation for the end of April.

The City Council has failed to reveal the reasons for Ms. Talley’s dismissal despite calls from open government activists for greater detail to be reported out of the closed session. According to the Voice of the OC and their Open Government Counsel, failure to report the reasons and vote for the ultimatum is a violation of the Brown Act.

However, the Voice of the OC speculates that her departure could stem from a series of legal challenges that have impacted the City recently. The city previously ran afoul with the Brown Act following the council’s approval of a tax subsidy for a hotelier. Ms. Talley has also evoked some ire from the council for her position on the Voting Rights Act, which is the subject of a lawsuit from the ACLU.

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