During the past several years, daytime residential burglaries have increased in Cerritos and neighboring cities. In response to this crime trend, the Cerritos Sheriff’s Station recently deployed a new Residential Burglary Team.

The Cerritos Sheriff’s Station reallocated resources to establish the team. The team’s sole purpose is preventing burglaries and apprehending and prosecuting burglars in Cerritos. The Cerritos Sheriff’s Station Residential Burglary Team consists of experienced patrol deputies, detectives and supervisors who are solely dedicated to abating residential burglaries. Their plan encompasses strategies that historically have proven successful in reducing the number of burglaries. The plan includes educating the public and station personnel regarding crime trends to target this ongoing issue.

In its first week of operation, the team arrested two individuals for residential burglary. In addition, another suspect, who was arrested in Orange County, was identified as being in possession of property taken in a Cerritos burglary. Subsequent investigation by the Residential Burglary Team has confirmed that the suspect was responsible for an additional 15 burglaries in Cerritos.