A new online feature is now available on the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors web page that allows the public to provide comments on Board agenda items that will become part of the official public record. Benefits include:

The public can comment without attending a meeting, writing a separate letter or emailing the Board of Supervisors on specific agenda items

The ability to comment online gives the public greater access to County government “This is an important step in using technology to improve service delivery as well as increasing public participation in local government,” said Rami Zakaria, Chief Information Officer.

It’s now very simple for constituents to participate in Board meetings and comment on specific agenda items: go to www.saccounty.net, click on Supervisor Meetings, choose a Board meeting, select the upcoming agenda and desired item, click on the “Public Comment” button, and fill out the online comments form.

The Public Comment link will be available when a Meeting Agenda is posted; once the meeting starts the link will no longer be available. The comments submitted will be added to the official public record.