A lawsuit has been filed by a group hoping to stop the planned closure of LA County Courthouses, a move that could have far reaching impacts into the poorest communities in the County. Among the areas of law that would be greatly impacted are tenant/landlord disputes and unlawful detainers.

Before the cuts go into effect, there will be 26 courthouses hearing tenant/landlord issues, including evictions. After the cuts, there will be just five. The sharp reduction in facilities means that participants to legal action –either the tenant or the landlord – will have to travel as much as 32 miles to have their case heard. Oftentimes, these cases are handled quickly, creating an additional burden. Because of the economic conditions that many people facing eviction, traveling that far on short notice can prove an “insurmountable challenge.”

Last year, there were 67,182 eviction cases in the County.

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