Agendas are in flux in Anaheim, as confusion has apparently emerged over the eventual resignation of City Manager Bob Wingenroth. His resignation had been announced effective June 7, but he had later sent an email indicating he’d ceded his authority to an interim, but now is still working in and around City Hall.

The latest manifestation of the confusion that has emerged over the change in leadership is a vote over the hotel subsidy that was approved last year. Originally, it had been included in the Council agenda for tonight, but was apparently struck from the meeting.

Wingenroth had been an opponent of the subsidy and the City’s staff report described the subsidy as an “unsustainable precedent.” His continued involvement in City affairs could have led to the delay on a re-vote, but even Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait was quoted by the news as being uncertain of Wingenroth’s status.

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