The ongoing discussions over local control of Ontario’s airport have halted after the City of Ontario filed a legal claim over the proposed transfer. The Los Angeles World Airports offered to sell the airport back to a joint powers authority for $474 million – nearly double the $250 million offered previously by Ontario.

After the claim was made, the City Chief Administrative Officer, Miguel Santana, broke off further discussions over the airport. The City had met with officials from Ontario eight times in the last six months.

Further complicating the potential sale and transfer is the ongoing mayoral election. Although politics is separate from City policy, the inevitable change in leadership could potentially impact how the City handles the airport policy. The City has 45 days to respond to the claim, during which time a new Mayor will be elected.

In the meantime, the CAO has asked Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to direct the City Attorney to investigate Ontario’s claim and the City’s potential responses.

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