Redflex, the vendor used by many local governments in California to operate red light cameras, is embroiled in a bribery scandal in Chicago and two other areas, although company executives refused to elaborate on where.

In Chicago, the company is accused of spending lavishly on a transportation official in charge of awarding and overseeing the red-light systems. They paid for travel, golf, hotel accommodations, and other perks. They are also accused of sending more than $2 million to a consultant that was then supposed to channel additional funds to the transportation officials. After the story broke, the company ousted all of its executives.

This isn’t the first time that RedFlex has found itself in hot water, as the federal government had previously investigated them in Louisiana.

In Chicago, the company has been notified that the City will not renew its contract once it expires in June and they have been barred from competing for any future business with the city. The contract with Chicago had made the company about $100 million for operating 384 cameras.

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