The Inland Regional Corruption Task Force continues to fight political corruption in the Inland Valley, as members from state, local, and federal agencies executed a warrant to search 5 Moreno Valley city council members’ homes. This search was the most recent in a string of high-profile cases handled by the group.

Since 2007, when the FBI and San Bernardino were investigating similar charges and recognized the opportunity to pool resources, political corruption in San Bernardino County and the surrounding areas has been the target of the Inland Regional Corruption Task Force. Members of local, state, and federal agencies cooperating with the Task Force continue to pursue serious allegations of political corruption.

The latest action taken by the Task Force was the execution of search warrants at the homes of five city council members from Moreno Valley. Also included in the search was a local real estate broker, Jerome Stephens. The details of the warrant remain sealed.

People associated with the Task Force do not disclose details of investigations and have been hesitant to even discuss how many people work on the task force. However, each agency is involved to bring specific skills and assets to bear. The IRS is known for its forensic accountancy prowess; the FBI has numerous assets including personnel and computer forensics; and local officials have the pulse of the community and is the instigating agency for many of the complaints that are later investigated.

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