Originally published at www.liberaloc.com
The Orange County Employees Association released the following press statement on the afternoon of June 7 on behalf of the Costa Mesa City Employees Association. In effect, it announces somewhat of a truce on the issue of outsourcing of jail services by the city of Costa Mesa.

City employees support City Council’s commitment to no layoffs

COSTA MESA  The Costa Mesa City Employees Association continues to maintain it is both illegal and misguided public policy for the City Council to hand over control of its public jail to a private corporation. However, the City’s employees applaud the Council’s willingness to, as part of their decision to outsource jails, include a clear and indisputable commitment to preserving the jobs of its dedicated workforce.

The City Council approved outsourcing jail services on Tuesday, but only after Councilwoman Sandy Genis amended the original motion to include a commitment to use all means available to avoid layoffs. 

In the coming days and weeks, the CMCEA team will continue to engage the City in what we hope will be positive and productive discussions, and we are hopeful those discussions can remain out of the courtroom. CMCEA remains committed to working 24/7 to protect the jobs and economic security of all the city’s dedicated employees. As part of those efforts, CMCEA President Helen Nenadal sent the attached letter to Costa Mesa CEO Tom Hatch today.

CMCEA will continue to seek opportunities to work collaboratively with the City, and we will continue to monitor the public and private statements and actions of the city’s leaders to ensure their commitment to preserving jobs. Many of the targeted employees at the City’s jails have worked in Costa Mesa for more than a decade, and every one continues to be committed to maintaining and improving the quality of life for Costa Mesa families.