Vitriol has become a new hallmark of public discourse in Marin County, where County Supervisor Susan Adams is facing recall and receiving death threats for positions she’s taken regarding development in the County and a planned renovation of a family planning clinic.

According to longtime staffers, the amount of hate and animosity being displayed at public meetings is at an all-time high. Boos and hisses are one thing, shouting, shoving, and expletives are another. But the ratcheting up of local discourse could mirror that occurring on the national stage.

Two projects in particular have brought more grief upon Adams than any others. The first, a planned affordable housing development in Marin, would create 72 affordable apartments and 10 market-rate apartments. The project has been under discussion for a while, but has yet to make it before the Board. That has Adams accused of not being accountable to the needs of her constituents and a recall movement is currently underway.

When Adams voted to approve a renovation of a Planned Parenthood clinic, she began receiving photos of dead fetuses from anti-abortion advocates.

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