Probolsky Research released the results of two new polls exclusively to PublicCEO. The data shows that California voters approve of the job their mayors and city/town councils (and county supervisors for those living in unincorporated communities) are doing. Similarly, the poll found a resistance to increasing local taxes to either prevent cuts to services or maintain service levels.

Voters gave a 53 percent job approval rating to their local government officials in the poll, conducted June 20 to June 22. However, of that 53 percent, 35.1 percent was “soft” approval. 21 percent of respondents were either unsure or refused to answer the question. Nearly 25 percent had an unfavorable view of the job their local governments were doing, with 13.6 percent agreeing strongly.

Probolsky Research also asked participants about two different forms of taxes – one to support ongoing services and one to prevent service cuts.

Taxes intended to support existing services polled 55.5 percent opposition, while taxes to avoid cuts did slightly better but 52.5 percent would still oppose the revenue measure. Unlike with the approval numbers, opposition to both taxes was intense. 33.8 percent of those polled would definitely vote “no” on the taxes, while only 16.8 percent would definitely vote “yes.”

You can view the full polling report at Probolsky Research, or you can read a summary presentation on their website as well.

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