Originally posted at CA Fwd.
By Cheryl Getuiza.

California is home to the Innovation capital of the world—the Silicon Valley. Entrepreneurs and innovators spend countless hours creating new technology that brings the people closer to their state and local governments. That technology, coupled with a raised expectation with citizens for more transparency and accountability, has ignited a movement called open data or open government.

Municipalities throughout the state have moved to provide data to the people. San Francisco is one of the first cities to hire a Chief Innovation Officer. The City also has an open data policy.  The city of Palo Alto has an extensive open data platform.

Making public data more accessible is the key to civic engagement.

So what does the future hold for open data?

It was one of the key issues discussed at the CITRIS Data and Democracy Initiative and UC Berkley’s Institute for Governmental Studies one day symposium. The event brought together non-profits, and both the private and public sectors to talk about where we go from here.

California Forward spoke to a number of attendees.

Here is the first video in a 5 part series.