Yesterday the Hews Media Group-Community News obtained documents indicating that the Central Basin Municipal Water District (CBMWD) has decided to request the help of higher authorities in their effort to investigate the alleged misconduct of Board Director Bob Apodaca.

The letter was sent from CBMWD Gernal Manager Tony Perez to both the LA District Attorney’s Office and the Fair Political Practices Commission.

According to Los Cerritos News, the move by Perez was prompted by the findings of an October 3 CBMWD Ethics Committee hearing.

According to the letters, Apodaca used his position with the CBMWD to benefit his girlfriend, Whittier City Commissioner Caroline Medrano. The allegations involve over $11,000 in charges to the District by Medrano for flower arrangements she produced, an illegal inclusion of Medrano on Apodaca’s CBMWD insurance plan and the awarding of a contract to one Pacifica Services, Inc. which lists Medrano as an employee.

CBMWD Board President James Roybal has previously attempted to protect Apodaca—his only voting ally—several times, including a move to cancel the Ethics Committee meeting that brought to light Apodaca’s alleged misconduct. He further removed several members form their Ethics Committee positions and replaced them with himself and Apodaca.

Roybal has accused the Ethics Committee of being politically motivated in their targeting of Apodaca.

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