According to a Gallup poll conducted in the mid-2000s, three in four Americans believe in the paranormal.

Some of these individuals are bound to end up on their local city council.

Case in point: several years ago, a Lawndale City Councilman was interviewed by KTLA and threw a stink over the removal of public garlic plants that lined one of the city’s main thoroughfares. His rationale? Vampires.

“The only reason we had the garlic put in is so we could keep the vampires out of town,” remarked Councilman Jim Ramsey. “And since we have had garlic, I haven’t seen one single solitary vampire in town.”

“These plants protected you?” asked the KTLA reporter.

“These plants are protecting the city and if we take them out, we may have vampires here again.”

Happy Halloween from the staff at PublicCEO.