Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business recently hosted a webinar on how U.S. state and local governments have accumulated trillions of dollars of unfunded pension liabilities, and what can be done to fix it.

Guests included:

  • Richard Ravitch, former lieutenant governor of New York (2009-2010)
  • Sean McShea, president of Ryan Labs, which provides liability-matching financial strategies to pension funds
  • David Crane, former special assistant to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and lecturer in Public Policy at Stanford
  • Mark Dingley, deputy treasurer/general counsel for Office of Treasurer of Rhode Island, which implemented path-breaking public pension reform

This webinar is part of Stanford GSB’s massive open online course (MOOC), The Finance of Retirement and Pensions. The MOOC is taught by Professor Joshua Rauh, a world expert on pensions, and covers retirement savings and investment strategies to maximize your assets.

Watch above for an interesting and scholarly take on the public pension crisis.

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