Two weeks ago, Donald Haynes was shot and killed by an officer of the Stockton Police Department.

Yesterday, former Stockton City Councilman Ralph White held a press conference in his home to announce that he is in possession of two cell phone videos showing that Haynes had his arms in the air while several of the shots were fired.

According to reports, Haynes was wielding a bayonet when police pulled over his car on February 9. Haynes refused to drop the weapon when prompted by the officers and was subsequently shot three times.

It is reported that a baton and police dog were also used in the incident after Haynes was shot.

Curiously, officers investigated a domestic violence incident involving Haynes and his wife the night of February 8. During the visit to the couple’s home, Haynes told cops that the officers would have to kill him before they arrested him.

“There are too many black people being killed in Stockton right now,” White said in the press conference.

White served 16 years on the Stockton City Council and recently waged an unsuccessful campaign for mayor.

Though White indicated he is in possession of the videos, he refused to screen them at the conference.

“We don’t want to expose our hand until they expose theirs,” White said.

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