The City of Los Angeles is picking up the tab for Councilman Jose Huizar’s little fender bender last fall.

On Wednesday, the LA City Council unanimously agreed and approved a $185,000 settlement with David Ceja, a private investigator whose car was rear-ended by Huizar driving a city-owned vehicle.

Last October, Huizar backed into Ceja’s car while at a stop light. According to Ceja’s attorney, the car was hit so hard “it was declared a total loss.”

Ceja’s original claim against the city asked for $510,000 and raised speculation that Huizar was treated favorably by the city’s police force during the subsequent investigation.

Huizar issued a statement: “While this was the type of unfortunate accident that could have happened to anybody, I take full responsibility for my part in this matter. I wasn’t personally involved in the final settlement agreement, which was mutually agreed upon by the City Attorney’s Office and the plaintiff’s attorney.”

Apparently, “full responsibility” means that the city and its taxpayers will pick up the bill.

Huizar is also facing a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by his former deputy chief of staff, Francine Godoy. The suit was filed in court just hours after Huizar admitted to having an affair with Godoy. Though the councilman denies the claims of harassment and retaliation, the case will go to jury trial on November 10 of this year.

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