A former Oakland employee claims that she was fired by former City Administrator Deanna Santana for refusing “to falsify oral and written reports.”

According to Daryelle LaWanna Preston—the employee relations director who serves as the subject of the Alameda County Superior Court lawsuit—Santana asked her to fabricated reports that accused Councilwomen Desley Brooks of abusing her authority and flouting city rules. Specifically, Preston was asked to “falsify a report” and “state that (Brooks) intentionally and knowingly engaged in hiring practices and purchasing … that violated the City Charter.”

Preston refused and was fired by Santana last October.

“This was part of an effort to essentially demonize Desley Brooks, and Ms. Preston would have no part of it,” said Dan Siegel, Preston’s attorney.

Brooks later came under fire publicly at a July council meeting and in a March 2013 report prepared by Oakland’s city auditor. No action was taken against Brooks.

Preston is seeking lost wages and punitive damages.

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