By Liz Enbysk.

A lot of folks in the U.S. will take to highways and byways this Memorial Day weekend. Elsewhere the upcoming summer vacation season will have the same effect. Will travelers be stopping in your city? Do you make it easy for them to find their way around? Scroll down for five apps from our Smart Cities Apps Gallery that take some of the pain out of getting around in a strange city.

KC Scout Traffic: Current traffic conditions on Kansas City metro area freeways and major surface streets are provided with this app, including accidents, road construction and special events. It also includes a zoomable, scrollable map-based display. Developed by TransCore, the app pulls information from the Kansas City Scout’s Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).

SpotAgent: By utilizing past ticketing trends, this app developed by Code Tick informs drivers in Baltimore, Maryland where and when parking tickets are typically given, helping them avoid parking in the wrong place at the wrong time.

GasBuddy: Not only does this app, shown here on Windows Phone, provide real-time gas prices to help users find the cheapest gas in their area, it also gives them an opportunity to report prices for a chance to win free gas. The app, developed by the GasBuddy Organization, is available in numerous cities.

The Ferry App: Visitors to Seattle, Washington, often use the car ferries that ply the scenic Puget Sound waters. With this app, they won’t rush to a ferry terminal only to learn their boat left 15 minutes earlier. Developed by, the app lets travelers view schedules, cameras and vessel positions as well as time to next departure and estimated driving time to terminal.

Quebec: Once travelers arrive at their destination, you don’t want to leave them wondering how to get where they want to go. This bilingual app developed by Ville de Québec showcases hotels, restaurants, shopping and events in the Quebec region, but also provides important travel information — how to get to these places, directions, location of the tourist information centers, etc.

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Originally posted at Smart Cities Council.