By Jesse Berst.

Cisco and Streetline jointly developed a first-of-its-kind camera-based parking spot detection solution that can work in conjunction with or in lieu of in-ground sensors.

While in-ground sensors are highly effective for detecting vehicles in individually marked spaces, the companies say video can provide a level of efficacy for other use cases, such as unmarked zones and spaces. And they note that cities, universities and corporate campuses all have unique parking environments. By using a combination of sensor and video information, customers can capture parking data from all spaces to make informed and effective decisions.

In addition to the camera-based sensing solution, Council Global Partner Cisco and Streetline also unveiled a new, integrated Internet of Things (IoT) gateway that combines Streetline’s low-power mesh network and Cisco Smart+Connected Wi-Fi for transmitting the sensor data.

With the release of the video-based detection solution and the Streetline IoT Gateway for the Cisco Connected Grid Router, Streetline CEO Zia Yusuf said, “we are disrupting the smart city space with offerings of parking solutions that are both technically robust and provide a real business value for customers.”

The two companies have been collaborating on smart parking technologies for a couple of years now, with deployments from San Mateo, California to Hamburg, Germany.

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Originally posted at Smart Cities Council.