Amid a recent effort by the California legislature to discourage outsourcing of public services, the City of Upland has forged ahead with a plan to save over $200,000 a year by contracting out library services.

The Upland City Council has recently decided to enter into a five-year contract with Library Systems and Services, Inc.

The city’s decision has several notable positives: the library is expected to be open for ten extra hours each week and the budget for library materials should receive a boost. Prior to the move, almost 75% of the budget was covered

However, the decision was not entirely easy to make. Several of the councilmembers expressed hesitation with switching from public to private control.

“I’ve gone on the record saying I’d rather keep something in house than do it outside, but in light of what’s coming, and on the horizon with these finances, I really don’t see an alternative,” stated Councilman Glenn Bozar.

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