Originally posted at Next City.
By Ariella Cohen.

Last fall, we published an inspiring Forefront story about a new movement to leverage public transit investment for jobs in local communities. Why not use the billions already pledged for transit manufacturing to create jobs for Americans, particularly low-income people of color who typically miss out on these opportunities, ask movement leaders like Madeline Janis, the national policy director for the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy and the director of Jobs to Move America.

“We’re paying for that with our fares, with our tax dollars,” Janis told reporter Nona Willis Aronowitz. “We should have the jobs that go with them.”

It’s an excellent point and one made quite well in a fetching infographic that arrived in my inbox this week. If you’re looking for a red, white and blue accessory for your July 4th weekend, look no further. Haven’t you heard about the trend in which infographics get printed up and pinned to your party outfit?

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Originally posted at Next City.