By Jenn Stanley.

The Mayor of Oakland has a plan to address San Francisco’s affordable housing shortage: Build affordable housing in Oakland. Mayor Libby Shaaf met with the San Francisco Chronicle last week to lay out her plan, saying she hadn’t yet talked with San Francisco officials about the idea.

“What has been vetted, what we do know, is that no one city can address the regional housing crisis by itself,” said Tomiqutia Moss, Shaaf’s chief of staff. “San Francisco and Oakland can’t solve these problems on their own because jobs, transportation and housing are all components that people think about when deciding on a place to live.”

As Next City’s Equity Factor columnist Alexis Stephens wrote in “Is Development Without Displacement Possible in the Bay Area?,” Oakland has its own concerns about rising rents and booming real estate and their impact on longtime residents.

The Chronicle reports that Shaaf’s offer isn’t out of line for the Northern California region.

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