By Catherine Green.

The Chargers seem to be pretty committed to the joint stadium plan they’ve concocted with the Oakland Raiders (just ask Carmen Policy, the man tasked with overseeing the partner plan).

But Carson, the L.A.-area city the team is charging toward, has a tangled history when it comes to trying to build a stadium, one that starts way before San Diego’s team started seriously considering Carson as a prospective new home.

For 15 years, the NFL has been weighing its options in Carson. In fact, the league almost went to the city in 1999 before awarding a new franchise to Houston. But as the NFL embraces Carson as a stadium contender, it’s worth considering the city’s history of political corruption and dysfunction.

On this San Diego Explained, Liam Dillon unravels some of that history, and what could be next for the Chargers.

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Originally posted at Voice of San Diego.