Last week, the Hayward Police Department bid farewell to Sgt. Scott Lunger, who was killed by a suspect during a traffic stop.

On Tuesday, Hayward’s public safety community was rocked again when it was reported Hayward Fire Chief Garrett Contreras was suspended for drinking on the job earlier this year.

Contreras, however, will keep his job, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

In the report detailing the investigation into Contreras’ actions, Hayward City Manager Fran David wrote, “This conduct is not what I expect from a chief,” she continued, “Your failure of leadership has embarrassed the city and your department and violates the very command and control structure on which your operations depend.”

Contreras, according to David, drove city vehicles while consuming alcohol on at least four occasions, was belligerent in public during a golf tournament, and threatened, while intoxicated, the employment of a Hayward firefighter.

In addition, while on-call, Contreras once failed to respond to a “significant” fire in Hayward while he was imbibing alcohol.

The report also stated Contreras was previously admonished by David for his conduct in 2013.

In the report, Contreras was apologetic and David apparently deemed the gesture was genuine. According to the Chronicle, David’s reasoning for keeping Contreras on the job was his honesty during the investigation.

Contreras is barred from taking city vehicles home for year, said the Chronicle, prohibited from drinking alcohol while in uniform.

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Originally posted at East Bay Citizen.