By Jenn Stanley.

San Francisco’s downtown-centric subway system leaves many of the city’s residents without access, and Supervisor Scott Wiener wants that to change. This week, he proposed legislation that would establish a long-term transit plan and ensure that the city always has a subway tunnel in the works.

“You never know when funding will become available or when Democrats will take back Congress or there’ll be another stimulus,” Wiener told the San Francisco Business Times. “We need to get it designed, need to get it environmentally cleared and get it in the can so that when funding becomes available, we can get it done.”

According to San Francisco radio stationKQED:

The legislation would create a Subway Master Plan that could include extending subway service to the western parts of San Francisco, currently served by above-ground light rail and bus lines.

“I have concerns that when the Central Subway is done to Chinatown, that it’s just going to stop, ” Wiener, who’s running for a seat in the state Senate, said in an interview. “We have to keep the momentum going.”

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