The weather may be cool this winter, but political rhetoric seems to making blood boil nationwide.

Last week, a man showed up at a public meeting to berate the LA County Board of Supervisors for their vote to welcome Syrian refugees… and things got heated.

After yelling at the “all Gentile” Board of Supervisors and accusing them of failing to look out for the interest of Jewish people, the speaker proceeds to call Supervisor Sheila Kuehl both a “scumbag” and “anti-semite.”

In response, Kuehl has some choice (and NSFW) words for the local gadfly. See below:

Following the outburst, the Supervisor allowed the man full time to speak—diffusing the situation and allowing everyone to carry on with business as usual.

Just a reminder to all public officials out there: opening yourself up to the criticism of the public is tough, but just remember to always keep your “Kuehl!”