How much space you’d need to store every Californian

From the Redwoods to the Sonoran Desert, the Golden State’s 38 million residents occupy a large area of the United States. Living in the second largest state gives Californians plenty of room to live, work, play, and you know, sit in traffic for hours on end.

Now, imagine for a minute what kind of pile up it would be if you got all the Angelinos, San Diegans, Sacramentans, Bakersfieldians, Reddingites, Oaklanders, Palo Altonians and everyone else to stand shoulder to shoulder in the same place?

Actually we did the math, and you might be surprised how much space you would need to store every single Californian together. We even adjusted for obesity, which being 40th in the country means Californians fit more compactly than most other states–just like their cars. And because we’re SpareFoot, we even tell you how many California storage units you’d need. Check out the infographic below:

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