By Steven Tavares.

If a business specializing on a gamut of services from construction to internet services to public relations wants to help build President’s Trump controversial southern border wall, they won’t be able to enter into contracts with Oakland, the City Council unanimously declared Tuesday night.

Oakland becomes the second city in the East Bay and nationally to pass such a resolution viewed as a rebuke of Trump’s policies against immigrants.

Last week, Berkeley passed its own resolution, while San Francisco introduced its own plan Tuesday afternoon. Los Angeles, San Diego and Watsonville are also reportedly contemplating their own resolutions.

“We know this is spreading,” said Oakland Councilmember Abel Guillen, the author of the resolution against Trump’s wall. “Stand with us on the right side of history.”

The economic boycott of Trump’s wall began in Oakland after Guillen introduced his legislation in early February. The resolution was also unanimously approved during last week’s Oakland City Council Finance and Management Committee. Council President Larry Reid is a co-author.

Currently, three entities doing business with the city of Oakland have made initial inquiries into bidding for contracts on the wall, according to the East Bay Express. They are Oakland’s Shimmick Construction, T.Y. Lin International in San Francisco, and American Steel Studios, also in Oakland.

Costs estimates for construction of a southern border wall covering roughly 1,300 miles range from $10 billion to $25 billion and cover roughly 1,300 miles. It’s an expenditure Guillen said would be better spent on building roads and bridges. “Anybody who drives around our city knows we have major infrastructure problems,” said Guillen.

Several public speakers noted the wielding of economic power is a major weapon for cities and individuals to protest Trump’s wall.

Others advocated for supporting a similar statewide ban, in addition, to support for a bill in the state legislature making California a sanctuary state. “I hope this spreads like wild fire around the state,” said Oakland resident Pamela Drake.

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Originally posted at East Bay Citizen.