Brea, a commercial powerhouse with a “small town” feel, is an Orange County community of more than 42,000 located just southeast of Los Angeles. As local jobs begin to outnumber residents, the City, celebrating its Centennial in 2017, strikes a balance between upholding its prized, family-centered services and programs, and implementing innovative infrastructure upgrades that have attracted residents and businesses alike.

“Celebrating our Centennial has inspired us to acknowledge our interesting past, appreciate our present innovation and work toward a sustainable, successful future,” said Brea City Manager Bill Gallardo. “More than ever before, we recognize the need to draw upon as many financial resources as possible to fund beloved programs and services while supporting key infrastructure improvements.”
Second in sales tax per capita in Orange County, Brea draws nearly 40 percent of its General Fund Budget from sales tax. Brea is a full-service city that provides its own police, fire, water, street and sanitation services, in addition to robust community programs that support recreation, education and volunteerism. By identifying additional sources of sales tax income—in collaboration with MuniServices, a leading municipal tax auditor—the City is able to make the needed investments to ensure it operates smoothly.

“MuniServices is pleased to partner with the City of Brea to identify opportunities for increased sales tax revenue,” said Julia Erdkamp, Client Services Manager for MuniServices. “Brea is a very business-friendly City, so we work hard to create a win-win environment for the City, businesses, and this wonderful community.”

As the City’s sales tax consultant, MuniServices meets with city staff each quarter to audit sales tax receipts and provide economic updates, such as sales tax trends and information on potential legislation and untapped resources.
One way MuniServices helps the City bolster its budget is by identifying local businesses that incorrectly file sales tax receipts. MuniServices works with the State Board of Equalization to petition the identified account to update the business address and tax area code, ultimately correcting the misallocated fund.
The City uses MuniServices for its discovery services. Through its process, the auditor identifies unlicensed businesses that operate in the City and collects licensing fees, arrears and other additional fees that may be owed. Collectively, these efforts contribute to thousands of dollars in increased sales tax revenue.
MuniServices’ sales tax projections have helped guide the City’s budgeting, and are helping staff plan for economic expansions and contraction. By expanding the City’s General Fund Budget with additional sources of sales tax revenue, MuniServices’ work enables the City to provide crucial services and programs to the Brea community.
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