California Mayors Coalition logoFullerton Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald is seeing momentum in her effort to rally smaller city mayors to advance policy ideas that will help their cities recover from the pandemic. The California Mayors Coalition has announced that 32 mayors have joined the Coalition, including mayors from all over California.

“As mayors we know that our communities are reeling from the impacts of coronavirus. But at the same time, the services that are closest to the people and delivered by our cities, are also being gutted by loss of tax revenues. Our coalition is focused on bringing attention to the tools we need to help our cities be healthy so that our communities can be healthy. If we are successful, we will bounce back even faster from this pandemic,” said Mayor Fitgerald.

To help bring the voice of the effort online, and to provide more information to other cities, a new website was launched at Mayors interested in supporting the effort and the policy ideas advanced in by the Coalition may submit their information via a form on the website and a representative from the Coalition will contact them to confirm their participation.

“We need to move fast. Key policy decisions will be made in the next month that will affect our cities for years. Policymakers at all levels need to address both the immediate crisis and the longterm reality that this crisis has created for cities,” continued Mayor Fitzgerald.

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