City of Manhattan Beach logoThe Manhattan Beach City Council has been discussing a plan to allow temporary outdoor dining and business uses within public parking spaces for restaurants and businesses to accommodate social distancing measures required by State and County protocols to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Major eligible areas include parking spaces adjacent to businesses in the Downtown and North End. There are numerous requirements for the use of parking spaces by restaurants and businesses. Businesses must compensate the City for the value of the parking meter revenue. Installation of dining decks will require safety measures like protective barriers, be disabled-accessible, and be cleaned and maintained daily. Outdoor uses must cease no later than 10:00 PM. The City has received and is currently reviewing applications from restaurants in the Downtown for temporary use of the public parking spaces adjacent to their businesses.

The City Council stated that applications must be submitted by June 22, 2020, and that the use of the parking spaces by restaurants and businesses would only be permitted until September 28, 2020. The City Council will discuss this matter on Tuesday, June 9, at 6:00 PM to make a determination on whether to allow this temporary use through the City’s existing encroachment permit process.

To gauge community feedback, the City has launched a brief survey. Please take a few moments to provide your thoughts on this plan.