Civiltec EngineeringCiviltec Engineering, Inc. has announced the launch of new service area in comprehensive PFAS assessment and mitigation solutions. With over two decades of expertise in treating groundwater and wastewater constituents, Civiltec is at the forefront of providing common-sense PFAS solutions from system assessment to treatment.

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a group of man-made chemicals previously manufactured and used in a variety of industries around the globe. They can still be found in a wide range of consumer products, industrial materials and, most notably, fire-fighting foam. PFAS contamination has been detected in groundwater sources across the nation, and especially in areas where frequent firefighting activities occur, such as firefighting training facilities, military bases, airports and wildfire lands. These chemicals are evidenced to lead to adverse human health effects and are very persistent in the environment and the human body. Coined “forever chemicals,” PFAS do not break down easily and will accumulate over time.

With recent studies of PFAS indicating a wide range of negative health impacts, government agencies, industries and other organizations are working to reduce people’s exposure to the chemicals, particularly in drinking water. Many local government organizations and water agencies must now address the issue by conducting tests, publicly reporting if PFAS levels exceed certain regulatory thresholds and mitigating PFAS, if necessary.

Civiltec Principal/Senior Engineer and PFAS expert C. Shem Hawes, P.E. will lead the PFAS mitigation service. He draws on more than ten years of professional experience as the responsible engineer for water and wastewater systems analyses and improvement planning and the design and construction of numerous water and wastewater treatment facilities for public and private water agencies throughout the western United States. Hawes is currently serving as the lead on two PFAS assessment and engineering design projects, including the design of a PFAS treatment system for California Domestic Water Company.

To learn more about PFAS and Civiltec’s mitigation services, visit the PFAS services page.