City of Paramount logoIs a temporary thrill worth thousands of dollars and the loss of your vehicle?

The Paramount City Council doesn’t think so. It has approved tough new penalties to combat a sharp increase in dangerous street racing and intersection takeovers, with the ultimate punishment being the confiscation of the offender’s car.

Various forms of reckless driving are widespread throughout the region. Due to Paramount’s close access to many freeways, the City has been plagued by these lawbreakers who care nothing about our neighborhoods or putting people in mortal danger.

Street racers and the spectators urging them on who are apprehended in Paramount now face severe consequences. For the drivers, there are large fines for the racing itself and costs to store impounded vehicles that, combined, can reach thousands of dollars. In addition, felony vandalism charges can also be filed, as it costs the City $6,000 to repair an intersection after it’s been hit – and the driver can be liable for full reimbursement.

In the end, as the new City ordinance dictates, they can lose their cars for good. An additional tool the City Council has given to law enforcement involves those watching and encouraging the reckless drivers. They now can be charged with a misdemeanor and/or be fined.

“Everyone is sick of these intersection takeovers,” noted Paramount Mayor Peggy Lemons. “Public safety is priority one. We knew we had to create penalties that would make it clear to street racers just how serious we are.”

The prevalence of “sideshows” and “donuts” is a frustrating trend indulged in by a mostly younger crowd with no shame. Paramount has issued a warning to those who take part in this mayhem – bring it here and risk losing your car.

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