City of Hayward logoThe Hayward Fire Department is now accepting applications from Hayward and Fairview Fire Protection District residents for free chipping of tree limbs and branches.

All residential properties east of Mission Boulevard and south of D Street to the border of Union City are eligible to participate—areas considered to be at relatively high risk of fire due to proximity to open spaces with grass land and brush.

To participate, residents must complete the 2020 Request for Chipping Form.  They will receive an email confirmation of acceptance to participate and will be placed on a schedule on a first-come, first-served basis.  Residents are responsible for cutting and stacking the tree limbs and branches—and a contractor hired by the City will come to the front of each property to do the chipping.  Learn more and apply by visiting

Grant funding is available to help senior, disabled, or low-income residents with expenses associated with cutting, trimming, and stacking limbs and branches. To determine if you or someone you know is eligible for assistance, please email and include your full name, address, and contact information.  An application will be emailed to you to be completed and returned by email.

Additional questions about the chipping program and assistance grants can emailed to, or call Fire Department administration at (510) 583-4930.