County of Riverside logoThe Riverside County Board of Supervisors this week named Juan C. Perez as Interim County Executive Officer (CEO) following the retirement of CEO George Johnson in December.

The county is undergoing a national recruitment to find a permanent CEO, a search that will be led by an outside recruitment agency. The selection of a new CEO is expected in early 2021. Perez will not apply for the permanent position.

“Many thanks to Juan Perez for stepping up into the interim position,” said Chair V. Manuel Perez, Fourth District Supervisor. “I also thank George Johnson for supporting him and the county in this transitional period. We, as the Board of Supervisors, look forward to moving the county forward with the opportunity to interview talented and qualified candidates nationally, as well as locally.”

Juan C. Perez’s current role is Assistant County Executive Officer/Transportation Land Management Agency Director, a post he’s held for the past three years. He started his tenure with the County of Riverside in 2001 as a road division engineer in the transportation department, before working his way up to agency director in 2012.

“I’ve worked with Juan for nearly 20 years and fully support the board’s decision to name him as interim county executive officer,” said CEO George Johnson. “Juan is a dedicated public servant, with strong leadership values and an incredible work ethic.”

The CEO reports to the Board of Supervisors, leads the development and management of the county’s $6.8 billion budget and oversees the management of all non-elected county departments.

Johnson announced his retirement last month, after nearly 30 years of employment with the county. Johnson’s last day will be December 16. Interim CEO Juan C. Perez will work closely with CEO George Johnson during the transition.