Tripepi Smith logoPublicCEO, through Tripepi Smith who recently-acquired our local government news site, is launching a new way to bring the local government community together in California: the PublicCEO Report, a video and podcast series hosted by PublicCEO owner and Tripepi Smith President Ryder Todd Smith.

“Running PublicCEO has really shown me how hungry the local government community is for a single stop for ideas and news about government and communities in California. The response we have seen to our acquisition of PublicCEO and the increased traffic has inspired our team to do more,” said Ryder. “Just like our work with more than 60 public agencies, the PCEO daily newsletter, gives our team a bird’s-eye view of ideas, events and trends brewing at the local level. From this vantage point, I hope to share new ideas and thoughts with our PublicCEO audience.”

In the video podcast series, Ryder will connect with thought leaders, innovators and policy wonks to talk about the latest developments in government. From policy to current events to personal stories to lessons learned, the longform interviews will introduce listeners to a range of personalities in the field.

Tripepi Smith Business Analyst Skylar Hunter is the technical genius behind the PCEO Report. With designs from Tripepi Smith Art Director Kevin Bostwick, Skylar created the digital infrastructure for the series. Skylar is supported by fellow Tripepi Smith Business Analyst Saara Lampwalla, who produces the show, and PublicCEO Editor and Tripepi Smith Junior Business Analyst Alexandra Applegate, who helps manage the project and creates PCEO’s daily newsletter.

“Video and podcasts became an obvious medium for PublicCEO to branch into because of how effectively they share information,” PublicCEO Editor Alexandra commented. “It’s a medium that fits naturally into PublicCEO and Tripepi Smith’s culture of sharing knowledge. The Report is also unscripted, which makes the conversations flow as naturally as they would with a peer or friend at a dinner or in between sessions at a conference.”

The first Report launches today, November 11, and introduces listeners to Ken Pulskamp, former city manager and current executive director of the California City Management Foundation. In their talk, Ryder and Ken discuss the challenges facing city managers, old and new.

Future PCEO Reports will feature mayors and council members, founders of businesses that are partners to municipalities, public policy experts, leadership of local government associations and others with ideas to share in the public sector. Visit or PCEO’s YouTube to watch and subscribe.

Keeping our guests and team members safe and healthy is paramount, which is why, for the time being, Reports are solely recorded online only.

If you would like to share your ideas in a future episode of the PCEO Report, please email our team at

Disclaimer: Ryder Smith is an investor of FlashVote. Learn why he invested.