As the COVID-19 pandemic dominated news cycles in 2020, it also brought forth unexpected and unfamiliar challenges for local governments in California. Cities already facing a myriad of policy issues and social concerns are now also struggling with drastically deeper deficits, rising pension costs, and larger homeless populations on top of a public health crisis, the likes of which we have not seen in decades. Regional and statewide stay at home orders caused tourism to plummet and local businesses to shut their doors at unprecedented rates, leading to drastic losses in sales tax revenue and overwhelming unemployment numbers.

In the face of such difficulty many cities sought innovative and creative solutions to keep themselves afloat and efficiently allocated millions of dollars in relief help to businesses, nonprofits and residents. Local city and county governments adapted to virtual council and board meetings while government employees continued providing essential services from the safety of their homes. 

It was these stories of perseverance and rehabilitation that kept the PublicCEO audience coming back for inspiration, ideas, and direction. . There were also stories of change and challenge that reminded local officials that they were not alone in their struggle. Wherever your interests lie, we invite you to take a look back at the history-making year of 2020 and the stories that kept you coming back for more.

PublicCEO’s Top Stories of 2020:

  1. California’s immense pension dilemma (from CalMatters)
  2. Santa Monica Interim City Manager Lane Dilg to leave spring 2021
  3. City of Santa Clarita ranked in the top 6% of cities in the California State Auditor’s Fiscal Health analysis
  4. Benicia City Manager tenders resignation
  5. Counties band together to challenges Newsom on COVID restrictions (from CalMatters)
  6. The coronavirus will impact city governments long after the pandemic is over 
  7. California props and hot races results: What we know and don’t know (from CalMatters) 
  8. Anaheim makes city manager change 
  9. Newsom: State can begin gradual reopening Friday (from CalMatters) 
  10. Reopening City Hall during COVID-19 (from Best Best & Krieger LLP) 

As PublicCEO heads into 2021, we will continue to bring you the latest local government news and trends while also providing you with important insights and analysis of policies and best practices. Happy New Year and thank you for choosing PublicCEO.