City of La Verne logoAs part of the City of La Verne’s efforts to address homelessness in the community, the  City partnered with Union Station Homeless Services to launch a Prevention and Diversion Program in La  Verne. The program provides monetary assistance and other fundamental resources to community members at risk of experiencing homelessness to help individuals and families make ends meet, keep a  roof over their heads and maintain basic needs.  

“We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has financially burdened many people within our community,” said La Verne Associate Planner Maia McCurley. “With this program, we’re hoping to aid  vulnerable community members, and prevent them from experiencing homelessness.” 

The Prevention and Diversion program works closely with individuals to determine their basic and financial needs. The program’s assistance ranges from paying security deposits, utility bills and moving costs, to providing food and transportation assistance for any individual at-risk of homelessness.  

“While we initially reached out to faith-based organizations and local non-profit organizations for referrals, we know that pandemic and other economic factors continue to burden many families in the La  Verne community,” said Program Manager Nicole Flores. “We have the resources to aid those in need and  are actively looking to distribute them to all those residents in La Verne that meet the eligibility  requirements.” 

La Verne residents experiencing or on the verge of experiencing homelessness are eligible to participate in the program. All referrals or questions regarding the program can be directed to Union Station’s  Program Manager Nicole Flores at (626) 545-1487 or  

In the last several years, the City of La Verne has prioritized reducing and preventing homelessness by outlining goals and initiatives in its 2018 Homeless Plan. Since its enactment, the City has seen more than a 50% decrease in the number of homeless individuals within the community. “This kind of outreach is just another example of the City’s commitment to all of its residents,” said City Manager Bob Russi. “It’s  the partnerships we have with organizations like Union Station Homeless Services that will allow the City  to achieve its goals to assist and uplift those experiencing homelessness.”