Contra Costa County logoAt a Board meeting on February 2, 2021, the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed an urgency ordinance to put a temporary cap on commissions and fees charged by third-party food delivery services to local restaurants.

The Urgency Ordinance became effective immediately. It applies throughout Contra Costa County except in cities that have adopted their own meal delivery ordinance.

Under Urgency Ordinance No. 2021-05, if a customer places an online order for delivery or pickup at a restaurant through a platform operated by a third-party delivery firm, the delivery firm cannot charge the restaurant more than 15 percent of the order. Similarly, if a third-party delivery firm provides a service such as processing online orders for a restaurant, the delivery firm cannot charge the restaurant more than 10 percent of the order for providing that service.

“Local restaurants throughout Contra Costa County help ensure the availability of essential food services, sustain employment, and are important to our communities’ economic vitality,” said Supervisor Diane Burgis, Board Chair. “We must continue to follow public health orders and guidance during this pandemic while supporting local businesses however we can.”

“We hope to support local restaurants in all cities throughout the county, as we have seen that the cities of Danville, Lafayette, and Walnut Creek have their own city delivery ordinances in place to assist businesses,” added Supervisor Burgis.

The ordinance will expire when public health orders allow all restaurants in the County to seat customers at their indoor dining at 100 percent capacity.

Read the full document Ordinance No. 2021-05 (PDF).

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