Got rodents? The Sacramento County Bradshaw Animal Shelter can help!

As warmer weather approaches, both rural and urban residential homes may see an increase in critters and rodents searching for water and food. Rather than utilizing poison or traps that can harm children or other animals (including wildlife that may ingest poisoned rodents), cats are a natural and environmentally friendly way to control rodent populations. 

Bradshaw Animal Shelter’s Barn and Garden Cat Program creates positive outcomes for feral and un-socialized cats that are not suitable for regular adoption. These cats are placed “working cats” in home yards, warehouses, garages, barns, stables, wineries and other outdoor environments to control rodent populations.

Adoption fees are waived, and adoptions include spay or neuter surgery, core vaccines including rabies, microchip, flea control, and an ear-tip. Adopters only need to provide daily food, water, protection from the elements and long-term care.

“Not only does the program provide non-toxic pest control, it also saves the lives of cats who would otherwise be considered unadoptable,” said Dave Dickinson, Director of Bradshaw Animal Shelter.

Since these cats are usually strictly outdoors, for the best success, Bradshaw Animal Shelter generally requires they be adopted in pairs for both safety and companionship.

For more information about the working cat program, please read the Barn and Garden Cat Acclimation Instructions and FAQs at the Barn and Garden Cat website. To apply, complete the online Barn & Garden Cat Application. A program representative will be in touch to discuss your situation in order to make an appropriate adoption match.