The City of La Cañada Flintridge reminds residents that all  dogs are required to stay on leash while in public, including at City parks and on trails.  Leashes are required to be no longer than six feet and dogs must remain in the full control  of their custodian. 

“With our beautiful parks, trails and scenery, LCF is a great place for dogs,” said Mayor  Mike T. Davitt. “But, lately, we have seen an uptick in off-leash dogs, and we would like  to remind community members to be courteous of fellow residents and keep dogs on leash while in public.” 

Some of the reasons to ensure dogs are leashed in City-owned areas include: 

  • Respecting those who wish to keep distance from your pet.
  • Preventing injuries to other people, other pets, property or the dog itself. Keeping your own dog safe from contaminated plants or water. Ensuring dogs cannot harm or kill local wildlife.
  • It’s the law.

“Some people in our community are simply unaware that it is a City regulation to keep  dogs on leashes at all times while in our parks and on trails,” said Mayor Davitt. “We  want to remind everyone of the reasons why this is important.” 

For more information, please contact City Hall at (818) 790-8880 or visit for more information on park and trail “petiquette.”