The Big City Mayors coalition, a coalition of the mayors from California’s 13 largest cities celebrated the agreement reached between Governor Newsom and California legislature for $1 billion in spending annually for homelessness to local governments for the next two years. This agreement will be the first ever multi-year commitment since the BCM started their annual budget advocacy work. Mayor Sam Liccardo, Chair of the Big City Mayors, issued the following statement on their behalf:

“The Mayors of California’s thirteen largest cities–saddled with the responsibility of housing 59% of California’s unsheltered residents– deeply appreciate the Governor and Legislature’s commitment to invest $2 billion over the next two years for local solutions to combat homelessness in our communities.   We have shown in recent years how innovative, cost-effective solutions emerge from the flexible dollars that cities can use to nimbly respond to this crisis. We welcome the accountability that comes with these dollars, to ensure that we maximize our taxpayers’ investment to reducing human misery.”

The BCM coalition is continually advocating for direct funding and resources to address the homeless crisis that large cities experience daily—and this significant partnership and historic investment from the state will greatly impact innovative projects like new emergency and interim housing, community cabins, safe parking programs, flexible rental support, and support for state programs like Homekey.

“I am grateful to the collective leadership of my fellow Big City mayors, who have consistently advocated for our most vulnerable residents above every other priority,”concluded Mayor Liccardo.

 The BCM went on to thank legislative leadership, including Pro Tem Atkins, Speaker Rendon, Senate Budget Chair Skinner, and Assembly Budget Chair Ting, “We are extremely grateful for the legislature’s dogged leadership and commitment to housing our state’s most vulnerable residents. With their support we can say we are a step closer to ending homelessness in our cities.”

Mayor Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles

“The unprecedented, multiyear investment of $1 billion in annual funding for local governments’ homelessness efforts in the state budget is a game changer. Los Angeles stands ready to quickly and responsibly deploy these resources to support our unhoused neighbors with the housing and services they need. I am grateful for our legislative leadership, the Governor and all of our representatives for this bold commitment.”

Mayor Todd Gloria, San Diego

“I want to thank the Legislature and the Governor for their unprecedented, multiyear commitment to partnering with cities like San Diego to take on California’s homelessness and housing-affordability crises. We can solve this issue by investing in person-centered outreach, permanent and emergency housing solutions, and supportive services — all actions our City is ramping up to help our most vulnerable residents.”

Mayor London Breed, San Francisco

“I am proud to stand with my fellow California Mayors in partnership with the state to work to bring people indoors and address the challenges we all face around homelessness.  We cannot wait a moment longer to invest across our whole system – everything from prevention to treatment to housing. In partnership with state leadership, in particular Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-D19-San Francisco), we will bring together federal, state, and local resources so that all communities are working together because we know homelessness does not start and stop at any one city’s borders. Together, we will do the work and hold ourselves accountable so that every dollar creates housing placements for people who need it the most.”

Mayor Jerry Dyer, Fresno

“I want to thank Gov. Newsom and the state Legislature for investing the kind of money that is truly needed to address homelessness.  I’ve said it before: this is an ongoing effort that cannot be solved overnight.  A multi-year commitment allows cities to put in place the long-term, comprehensive plans that are needed to end homelessness and not continually address it in a piecemeal fashion. 

Mayor Darrell Steinberg, Sacramento 

“A major thank you to Governor Newsom and the Legislature for empowering our cities and counties to help the thousands suffering on the streets.   You led big once again and we are grateful.  We will use these resources wisely and aggressively.”  

Mayor Robert Garcia, Long Beach

“I want to thank governor Newsom and the State Legislature for their commitment to supporting local communities in our work to address homelessness,” said Mayor Robert Garcia. “The investments in Project HomeKey and flexible funding for cities will be critical in building on existing work. Homelessness is complex and complicated. Addressing its root challenges requires a long-term commitment of resources, and we appreciate the State’s willingness to partner with cities on this.”

Mayor Libby Schaaf, Oakland

“This is historic, and it gives us a fighting chance to end homeless in Oakland,” Mayor Libby Schaaf said. “The moment the check clears, we’re ready to move more people off our streets and into safety and services, as well as to prevent families and elders from becoming homeless to begin with. I’m grateful for my fellow Big City Mayors being unified in our priority and thank the Legislators and Governor for bringing this multi-billion dollar investment directly to the frontlines of the crisis to help us fight the moral failing that is our homeless epidemic.” 

Mayor Karen Goh, Bakersfield

These flexible HHAP dollars will allow cities to maximize our investments and implement long-term solutions to the crisis of homelessness. The funding will provide for shelter and the continuance of critical wrap-around case management, mental health, and substance abuse treatment services essential to moving individuals into permanent housing.

Mayor Harry Sidhu, Anaheim 

“This is one of the best investments California can make to address the challenge of our time. Cities are both the frontline of the homeless crisis and places of solutions and innovation. While all working in the same direction, California’s cities are unique and in different stages of addressing this challenge. This flexible funding recognizes that and should be applauded as a model not only for our state but for our nation.”

Mayor Lock Dawson, Riverside

“I applaud the Governor and Legislature for their historic investment in our cities to address this crisis. As we recover from the pandemic, we must keep the momentum we have built with programs like Homekey, and this first ever multi-year commitment will allow us to do just that. Riverside is poised to quickly and effectively use this direct allocation of funding to secure more services and housing for the homeless. Now that we have the means, it’s time to deliver results.”

Mayor Vicente Sarmiento, Santa Ana

“The Governor and Legislature have my thanks and gratitude for passing this historic investment to help the most vulnerable residents of our communities and to end the homelessness crisis. Santa Ana will continue to be a leader in addressing homelessness in Orange County and will put this new funding to good use.”

Mayor Kevin Lincoln, Stockton

“I’d like to thank our Legislature and Governor for the investment they’ve made toward our housing and homelessness crisis. A multi-year commitment of flexible, direct allocation funds for cities is unprecedented and will make an incredible impact in our communities. I am encouraged by the work we can do to bring hope and healing to our cities.”

About the Big City Mayors

The Big City Mayors is a coalition of Mayors across California’s 13 largest cities. Members include Mayors from Los Angeles, San Diego, San José, San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento, Long Beach, Oakland, Bakersfield, Anaheim, Riverside, Santa Ana, and Stockton.