City of Hayward logoThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has ranked the City of Hayward among its top 30 on-site generators of renewable energy among more than 1,700 participating public and private entities in the agency’s Green Power Partnership.

According to the latest EPA Green Power Partnership Top 30 Ranking issued on July 26, Apple Inc., The Proctor & Gamble Company and General Motors, LLC., topped the list at first, second and third, while among Bay Area local governments the County of Santa Clara, City of San Jose and City of Hayward are listed at #14, 15 and 27, respectively.

At the City of Hayward, renewable energy is generated on-site primarily at its Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF), which uses solar-panel arrays and biogas collected during the treatment of wastewater to produce enough electricity to power itself and other City facilities through surplus energy supply credits.

Additional renewable energy is generated through solar energy generation equipment installed on the roofs of various City buildings and facilities.

The City’s commitment to on-site renewable energy generation is one component of the Hayward Climate Action Plan that has resulted in the City cutting overall greenhouse gas emissions by 25.7 percent from its 2005 GHG emissions baseline and putting Hayward on course to reach carbon-neutrality by 2045.

Other components contributing to Hayward emission reductions include the City’s membership in East Bay Community Energy, through which residential and commercial electricity customers are receiving energy from 100 percent carbon-free sources.