City of Sacramento logoThere is a need for dramatic action worldwide. That’s how scientists from around the globe this month described unprecedented global warming levels in the Sixth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Work already is underway at the City of Sacramento to take action to address climate change, and the City is committed to doing its part to combat the problem, said interim Climate Action Lead Jennifer Venema.

“While this international report can feel overwhelming to read about, we want people to know that Sacramento has been busy laying the groundwork for accelerated climate action,” Venema said.

The City’s Office of Climate Action & Sustainability, led by Venema, was established to advance the City’s climate efforts. Part of its work is to achieve local goals identified and inspired by Mayors’ Commission on Climate Change. 

Convened Mayor Darrell Steinberg and former of West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon in 2018, the Mayors’ Commission on Climate Change provided a roadmap and recommendations to achieve “carbon zero” by 2045. (Carbon zero or carbon neutrality is when net greenhouse gas emission levels are equal to zero, or when any GHG emissions put into the atmosphere equal those taken out of the atmosphere.)

Since then, the City of Sacramento has taken several actions toward this vision:

“A key take-away from the IPCC report is the importance of all action, now more so than ever, even at the local level,” Venema said. “Cities are uniquely positioned to act quickly and demonstrate transformative solutions. The work we undertake as California’s capital city is highly visible and critical to help shift broader change across the state and beyond.”

About the IPCC’s report: